St Mallory’s Forever

St Mallory’s Forever! is available now from the following places:

Amazon UK 
Amazon US 
Amazon Canada
Amazon France
Amazon Italy 
Amazon Germany


Nook US
Nook UK


You can also find us on Goodreads.

If you review St Mallory’s on any of these sites, please feel free to leave a link!

Reviews from Amazon (UK and US)

“engagingly written, with an easy-going feel that fits the blog post format perfectly”

“chock-full of geeky references, humor, and plenty of crazy situations and adventures”

“[Helen] is a well-written character with realistic strengths and weaknesses”

“this book differs from others of its genre in that it is thoroughly modern”

“Charley Robson and Miriam Joy join Paolini as inspiring teens”

“blogs and other paraphernalia of 21st century life are excellently used to create an original and highly enjoyable story with lots of humour and sparkle as well as moments of great excitement”

“a promising start to a new series”

“I want to go to St. Mallory’s but as it is fictional I’m just going to hope this is the start of a series.”

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