Meet The Authors

Miriam Joy

Miriam Joy is the youngest member of the St Mallory’s Forever! multi-headed author entity. She has lived in South-East London all her life, working through the state education system and trying to appear as normal as a fangirling nerd ever can (she is, after all, a proud contributor to the Hamlet fandom). She writes as Iron Man for, which she considers to be an excuse to use gifs and sarcasm.

As well as writing, she also does ballet, sings, plays the harp (after injury exiled her from the violin, flute and piccolo), makes YouTube videos, blogs, and reads too many books. Despite this, she still manages to spend far too much time on Tumblr, which has led to an accumulation of quotes and facts about actors or TV shows that she will never, ever need, but likes to know anyway.

She loves mythology, especially Celtic and Norse. Her music library is split into three sections: traditional folk, film and TV soundtracks for writing, and emo rock. She honestly doesn’t know how that happened.

Her short story The Eagle Child was published in volume one of the Saffina Desforges Presents… Coffee Break Collections in November 2011 and her poetry collection, Crossroads Poetry, was released in January 2014.

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Miriam is the admin for the St Mallory’s Forever! blog.

Charley Robson

Charley Robson has a more unusual background: a proud ‘army brat’, she has lived on every major continent on Earth and after attending her thirteenth school, a boarding school for girls in Dorset, South England, she is now studying English Literature at the University of Exeter. She has tried and failed to learn several languages (though will happily insult you in both Arabic and Latin) and has met many weird and wondering people during her travels.

Her deeply-seated loathing for all things requiring a calculator means she spends most of her time reading, picking her teeth with five-page essays, covering her fingers in ink, and poking philosophical holes in reality. Aside from this and writing, which goes without saying, Charley also enjoys long walks, acting (she has been cast as nothing but villains since the age of seven), singing and watching Doctor Who. Her musical tastes range from films soundtracks to rock bands to Celtic music, and back again. She’s even been known to listen to a Disney song from time to time.

Charley is also a fairly prolific poet, and one of her poems was awarded a place in the top 20 of a Daily Telegraph poetry competition in 2010. She’ll try her hand at most types of writing, though, including articles for her school magazine and, in 2012, a pantomime for performance in the annual school Drama competition.

Charley’s short story Darkness to Light was published in the second volume of the Saffina Desforges Presents… Coffee Break Collections in February 2012.

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Saffina Desforges

Saffina Desforges is the pen name of a writing duo who are way ahead in the world of indie-publishing, are the brains behind Mark Williams International Digital Publishing, and whose e-books have been bestsellers on Amazon multiple times. Eventually, they will write their own biography, but for now they’re stuck with this one.

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6 thoughts on “Meet The Authors

  1. I know this isn’t actually related to St. Mall’s, but you look quite awesome/authorly with those glasses, Miriam. (Not that you didn’t before… oh forget it, I can’t explain myself.) *has had glasses for most of life so kind of considers wearing them to be the natural state of life* 😛

    Also, every major continent?! I’m impressed.

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