Small Holiday Updates

Every week, she said. Without fail, she said.

Sorry everyone. Deadlines happened, and then I had to drive back to Germany, and then the clocks went forward by two hours and nearly turned me fully into the nocturnal half-vampire I have been trying not to become since 3 in the morning became my bedtime during the term.

It’s the holidays now, though, joy of joys … but sadly it is also the Easter holidays, which are not so much holiday as they are a period spent at home grumbling that your holiday has been repurposed as an extended revision session.

Miriam is embarking upon that great challenge of A Levels this year, with a place at Somewhere Most Prestigious to aim for – can I get some good luck wishes for her in the comments? – and I am scrabbling inanely at the revision for my two exams. Mine aren’t all that strenuous, this being the great ‘meh’ that is Freshers’ Year, but between them and all the activities that holidays require, I’m a little strapped for time, too.

One of these activities is, of course St Mallory’s 2. The draft is presently in my possession, and slowly gaining size. Emphasis on the slowly. But size it is gaining. Wheeeee!

The good news is, though I shall be absent for a few days impending, I shall be able to bring some nice things to the blog in return! These may include pictures, or more anecdotes, or just about anything you please.

Yes, I would like your opinion. What sort of thing would you guys like to see on the St Mallory’s blog? Leave a comment, and let us know!

In the meantime, I’d better get to my lunch. And try not to set it on fire like I did yesterday.

… You didn’t hear that last part.

~ Charley R

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