Exe-tra, Exe-tra, Read All About It!

I should probably be taken out and stoned for that awful title, but I wasn’t about to let Miriam have all the fun with puns. I regret nothing!



We’ve had success with promotion across a great many boards – including BBC Radio Interviews, spots on innumerable blogs, and even a feature in Ebook Bargains UK. Still, there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself plastered over a full-page spread in a proper newspaper, is there?

This is, of course, my university newspaper – which you’ve got to get hold of very fast, lest they all vanish from their bins before you can get your grubby paws on one. What’s even better is that they’re free, meaning a curious student with an hour to kill between lectures is far more likely to pick it up, rather than spending their scant money filling their ever-growling belly (speaking from experience, this happens more than you’d think).

If you’d like to read the article – which includes ramblings about the process of co-authoring, organisation, and an explanation of mine and Miriam’s love-hate-eternal-torment draft-swapping lives, you can read it in the transcript HERE!

Until next week, my friends!

~ Charley R

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