Encounters of a Mallory Kind!

It’s not even been a full year since Miriam, Saffi, Mark and I unleashed St Mallory’s Forever! into the wider world, and we’ve already had so many excitements.

However, I think all can agree that seeing one’s pen-and-ink darling roaming about in *gasp* ADVERTISEMENTS! has to be one of the best in terms of producing high-pitched emotive reactions.



 I spotted this wee dandy lurking in the YouTube adverts! There’s another lurking about that has St Mall’s sitting right next to The Hunger Games, too! How exciting is that?



This one is Miriam’s find – lurking in the Google ads pane no less, by the look of it!

Of course, I didn’t drop by just to show these beauties off – although, I have to confess, that was part of it. 

ST MALLORY’S 2 is, as of tonight, in the form of an absolutely horrific Draft 0 opening chapter, in the works! And Miriam and I have  decided to pull our fingers out this summer and try and get it done, dusted, and on its way to all of you lovely people by the autumn!

Stay tuned, all! And have any of you spotted St Mall’s lurking about? Why not come stroke our egos and share your encounters?

~ Charley R


8 thoughts on “Encounters of a Mallory Kind!

  1. Miss Alexandrina says:

    I haven’t actually seen any adverts. *sad face* But that’s awesome. And St. Mall’s 2! Arghhh! *implodes*
    (And where is that ‘like’ button??)

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