Aha, I see my emphatically placed exclamation point got your attention! Huzzah!

It’s been a few months now since St Mallory’s Forever! made its debut into the world of the reading public, and it’s been an absolutely batty few months for us since then. We’ve written guests posts all over the place – including one at the Office of Letters and Light! – we’ve waited for the ebook to filter through the platforms, and we’ve even tripped over ourselves a fair few times in the run up to the availability of the paperback. Heck, I even did a radio interview with the BBC.

And after that . . . life. Life, with all its multifaceted teeth, claws, and pointy bits. Coursework, sickness, mock exams, shiny things dangling from string – you know, our usual excuses. 

Sorry. We wish we could help it.

However, I do not intend to slip into the void of creating apology posts – because that is bad and i would feel bad if I were to do it because it is bad.

Instead, I come bearing hope. Hope in the fact that Miriam, Mark and I (who dares to commit the sin of breaking up the lovely alliteration) are plotting . . . ST MALLORY’S 2!!!

Stay tuned, all! Once the dark clouds of exams have passed, who knows what silver-lined goodies await thee?

~ Charley R


12 thoughts on “Sequels!

  1. You forgot to mention the most important point about St Mall’s 2, Charley: SHAKESPEARE. There is definitely Shakespeare involved.
    And that’s all you’re getting, readers. Sorry.

  2. *squee!* And, because one squee simply isn’t enough, I shall squee a second time. *squee!* She who squees twice squees longest, or uh, something.

  3. Miss Alexandrina says:

    (Where is the like button?? *sad face*)
    I think I’m dying of jealousy right now. Can I have a cameo in the sequel? xD

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