To Have And To Hold

Yes, you guessed it — this is not a Valentine’s Day post, but a post to let you know that as of today, you can now actually buy a copy of St Mallory’s Forever! which is like, a physical book.

Exciting, right?

For me, personally, this is a pretty significant thing. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being an author, and that always meant physical books. E-books are awesome. I love e-books. Of course, back then I had no inkling that one day a lot of books would be available only in a digital form, so it was a very different vision I had inside my head.

Even so, I’m grinning like a weirdo at the idea of being able to pose next to a copy of a book that I wrote (because somehow, holding a Kindle up isn’t quite the same!).

It’s a little more expensive than the e-book, which is obviously to do with printing costs. As a print on demand book, we can’t do print runs of ten thousand and then sell them off cheap. But, I’m sure I speak for the others too when I say if you have a copy, and you ever see me (in the street or something), I’d be more than happy to sign it.

I’ve been practising and everything.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to work on my “posing next to books” smile.

— M

UK Paperback
(I’m sure there’ll be a US one soon, but there isn’t as of writing this post. Stay tuned!)


10 thoughts on “To Have And To Hold

  1. The US listing should be live overnight.At the moment it;s only available from Amazon. The option to order from a bookstore may take a month or more to filter through.

    One of the reasons big publishers take up to two years to actually publish a book is because they have everything in place before they go live.

    We’re far too impatient for that!

    • Awesome! There you go, guys, that’s what’s happening.
      Yeah — too impatient even to tell your co-authors that it’s coming out already because you told them it might be a couple of weeks due to network downtime? Hmm…

      • Sad but true. I had to make a two hour journey to town this morning to email your schools because I had no net connection. The final approval for the paperback only came through last night so was only okayed this morning. Amazon said 5-7 days. It appeared in less than twelve hours.

  2. Miss Alexandrina says:

    Yay! I should be preparing your interview questions for a blog post…but I’m not. Let’s give it a week 🙂
    (Where is that like button?)

    • I do not know, where is that like button? It appears to be in existence, as WordPress informs me you have ‘liked’ my post. 🙂
      Interviews are fun! But Charley is much more confident than me. I get scared and run off — she’s an actor, she’s good at that kind of thing.

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