Typerventilating Imminent

Mark sent me an email this morning with the subject line “St. Mallory’s Forever! is imminent. Time to get serious.” Talk about not freaking out your co-writers when they wake up – I read it on my phone while still in bed and promptly killed predictive text trying to reply when the only thing I could manage to say was asdfalskdjf;wakjsdfalsdkf, affectionately known as keyboard smashing or ‘typerventilating’.

You see, St Mallory’s Forever! ought to be coming out this month. Although things often do not go according to plan, we were hoping for the 22nd as our official publication date, which just happens to be my seventeenth birthday. We’re working on the final draft, tweaking and proof reading and making minor alterations (and I am sitting here confused by Mark’s formatting gibberish given that to send things to Kindle, I usually just run them through Calibre and they come out as shiny, fully functional .mobi files with contents pages… but hey).

Mark sent me promo images to use and if you’re reading this in an email, you may want to click through to see the new design of the blog,  which utilises some of them.

And I’m freaking out.

Even though one of my New Year’s resolutions was not to chicken out of taking steps towards publication (which includes investigating the best course to take with my novel Watching), the idea of something I wrote being out there for everybody to read is terrifying. I’m sitting here going, “What if they hate it? What if they never buy anything I write ever again?”

Of course, it’s collaborative, which means not only do we all share the credit, but we all take the blame. Reading it through, it doesn’t sound like me, or Charley, and I haven’t read enough Saffina Desforges to know if it sounds much like them but I’m willing to bet it doesn’t. It’s not my usual genre or style. My characters are normally bitter, twisted and often non-human, a far cry from the excitable teenage girls of St Mallory’s.

Yet I see things that I know I wrote, even if they’re not my usual style.

Okay. So it’s mine. And it’s Charley’s and Mark’s and Saffi’s.

But soon it will be yours. It’ll be coming out as an e-book first, instantly to Kindle and Nook although Mark warns me it might take a little longer for it to filter through to other platforms. Then, in February, we’re hoping to have it available as print on demand. I had no idea the print book would be coming so soon, but apparently it is.

That’s also freaking me out.

Before, I was like, “Okay, people at my school might know about it and maybe read it, but I won’t know. Ha ha.” And now I’m like, “People at my school might read it and I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE.” And they will judge me on it, even if they don’t say so. They will think that is what all my writing is like even though it’s not. Yes, I’m proud of St Mallory’s, but the idea of putting my name to … well, anything right now, is terrifying.

*deep breaths*

I’m fine. I’m fine.

After a year in which I don’t think I really achieved a lot outside of finishing my GCSEs, suddenly things are happening very fast. St Mallory’s Forever! has gone from what still seemed slightly like a far-distant possibility to a very real thing. It’s happening. It’s happening soon.


— M


12 thoughts on “Typerventilating Imminent

  1. Charley R says:

    DON’T PANIC MR MANNERING! We’ll get it all under control, don’t worry. We’ll probably love all the fun that comes with it. Like you, I’m on the verge of diving under the table at the thought of it all, but . . . I’m also exceedingly excited.

    LOVE the new blog layout, by the way. The background, especially, is just parfait!

    • I adapted it from the promo material Mark sent me. It seemed appropriate 😀
      I’m mainly at the incoherent flailing and I’m turning to my exceedingly fluffy blanket (a Christmas present from my mother) for comfort. Because I’m still six at heart.

  2. Miss Alexandrina says:

    Gah! So excited for you and also very jealous. But pleased. I think being pleased sorta overrides the jealousy 😉


    Speaking of POD formating, I have some I need to get back to *epps*

    But either way. I’m super excited for you guys. It’s going to be so COOOL!

    And it would be even more cool if you happened to have a book signing while I happened to be in town…. though that’s probably bit unlikely.


    :} Cathryn

    • Yes, I forgot, yours is coming out soon, too! (Because I have the ARC so it seems like it already did, ehehe.) I say, if we get it out on time, Charley and I will be published before you, and ours isn’t even finished yet! Wow. Indie/Trad publishing move at very different speeds, don’t they?
      We can freak out together. *accepts socks and tea and reciprocates offerings*

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