ThunderMallorys Are Go!

Title shamelessly stolen from Miriam’s email tagline? Yes.

Singing the theme tune in my head? Yes.

Couldn’t sleep last night for excitement of telling all of you this? Yes.

It’s official – the first draft of St Mallory’s Forever! is finished! Finito! Completa! Done!

Words cannot tell how incredibly exciting this feels. There have been plenty of ups and downs and periods of absolutely nothing happening; exams, concerts, university application, ballet, moving house . . . the cosmos seemed to be conspiring against us. Just a little bit.

Nevertheless, Draft The First is finally completed. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of edits et cetera. Who knows, we might even get around to a release date eventually 😉

~ Charley R


5 thoughts on “ThunderMallorys Are Go!

  1. Is that a parody on Thunder Cats Ho! ?

    Or is it a UK reference i”m not getting?

    Either way !WOOt Woot! Now get thee to work on editing!
    (I’ll be free for beta reading in January) *grins*

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