Newsflash: St Mall’s Got Loki’d

I was working on editing some St Mallory’s Forever chapters earlier – a week or so after I promised to have them back to Charley – and I closed the document for a while.

In the meantime, I perused the internet, and when I came back to it 15 minutes later, having not left the room, I found this.

I have got absolutely no idea how this picture of Loki ended up in the document. Or why. Or… anything.

It looks like St Mall’s got Loki’d.

— M


16 thoughts on “Newsflash: St Mall’s Got Loki’d

  1. Charley R says:

    In the posession of two Loki-loving authors, anything can happen. Perhaps it’s a mark of approval xD

      • Charley R says:

        Sorry – I was sleepy and slippery-fingered.

        Indeed … though why he would do that when he could garner us for his army confuses me. He’s mad, but not stupid xD

  2. Spooky goings on indeed. make sure you duck when might Mjolnir comes hurtling through the void to dislodge Mr. Loki from his perch.

    In the long-distant past I wrote a novella about Asgard as part of an English project at school, replete with wonderful battle scenes between Thor and and Loki in which the school got demolished and all the teachers got killed (painfully, in remarkable detail), but Thor managed to save all the kids.

    Needles to say I didn’t get top marks for that one.

    • Charley R says:

      Mr Mark, my respect for you just shot ten thousand feet in the air. You were just as sick and twisted as a kid as I was … and still am … hehehe xP

      I’m a big fan of the original Norse myths as well as the movie adaptations … and as for Mjolnir, it hit me in the face yesterday you know! I don’t know yet if this was inentional, or if I was just in its flight path, but if I catch any thunder gods near me … the spork is coming out! xD

      • I’ve just managed to see Thor (the film thereof) this past week.

        Must share my favourite Thor poem, just in case by some miracle it hasn’t filtered through to the new generation. Needless to say it relies on the English pronunciation of the thunder god’s name.

        The Thunder God rode out one day,
        Upon a snow-white filly.
        “I’m Thor!” he cried.
        The horse replied:
        “Your forgot your thaddle, thilly,”

    • I can’t see why not – those puny mortals didn’t know what a highbrow student they had. If ever a kid I teach, if I ever teach, reads Norse mythology, they will instantly be my favourite.

          • One of my combined-science projects was a chemical-biological bomb that would wipe out teachers but leave kids intact, and also irradiate all German text books do they could never be used in the future.

            Like so many of my best ideas at school, this cunning plan was vetoed by certain staff members who, in my humble opinion, had a vested interest in seeing the project terminated.

            Obviously If I undertake this project again in the future I shall devise away of ensuing blalet teachers survive too.

          • Ballet teachers are not real teachers. We don’t set homework and we don’t make you do exams if you don’t want to! (I already help teach ballet to kids aged about 3-7, on Saturday mornings, so I count myself as a ballet teacher already, ha ha.)

  3. Oh don’t worry Mark, Miriam Charley and I… okay Charley and I, have a plan for keeping Mjilnor at bay. While everyone’s fawning over Loki, I’ll get Thor and keep him happily occupied… *giggles*

    My word. This is rediculus. I haven’t even watched Avangers yet and those two have me babbling… (I have seen thor though so *girn*)

    Given how much Loki I’ve seen Charley and Miriam banter about on facebook it was only a matter of time before he snuck in elsewhere. :}

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