From Somewhere Beneath the Textbooks…

Hello everyone!

Yes, yes, I know it’s been months since either Miriam or I posted here – very very naughty of us, we know. We would love to post more, but unfortunately we are inhibited by one thing (or many things, depends how you view it.)


Miriam is currently tackling GCSEs, while I am a year ahead getting chewed on by my AS Levels. Both of us are currently on Study Leave, doing battle with a variety of ideas that we’re supposed to know but swear we never studied. For me it’s Descartes, Polkinghorne and Anselm, and for Miriam it’s incomprehensible Physics-related squigglies that supposedly explain the behavior of various whizzy-bouncy particle thingies.

Subsequently, St Mallory’s Forever! has been somewhat neglected. It is currently sitting in my email Inbox, glaring at me malevolently and threatening to maim my brain cells the moment it comes within range.

And, with any luck, it will have its opportunity as of Thursday, when all but one of my exams will be over. The moment we get the rough draft finished – and we get out of school for the summer – we both have every intention of editing at the speed of light, shoving it through the formatters, and getting it into your hands as soon as we can.

In the meantime … a little more patience, please. Not much, just a bit. We promise.

If you feel the urge to hunt us down and persecute us further, you can find both our personal blogs here:

Miriam Joy

Charley Robson

Live long and prosper, readers. We promise to be back soon.


6 thoughts on “From Somewhere Beneath the Textbooks…

  1. *Smiles* I’m waiting. :} You two do well in school. Despite the fact I know you’re going tobe absolutely brilliant authros whoa re going to rack in the cash, a back up plan is always advisable. (You do remember my author to be your personal wardrobe creator, Charley, it’s still there, I’ll move to Britian)

    *giggles and grins*
    :} Elo – Cathryn {:

    • Charley R says:

      Haha, I hope so – had a small meltdown after not finishing my History paper today. First time I’ve never finished a paper in my life! Scary that o_O

      Speaking of that, I need to go and confer with teacher to calm my neuroticism xD

  2. Miriam Joy says:

    Thanks for posting, Charley. I’ve been meaning to do so, but like you say, being eaten by exams. Mine aren’t over until the 20th June and my parents seem to consider every single minute of the time between now and then as the property of revision and soul sucking physics notes, so I have to wait until they’re out to blog / write / make videos. Stressful! 😦

    • Charley R says:

      Heh – I’m done by the 22nd – this time next week – so hopefully I can get some stuff done soon. Will try and hunt Mark down too, he’s been weirdly silent …

      • Miriam Joy says:

        He’s had mega loads of internet trouble, there was a post in MWiDP Authors. He’s coming to the UK in June though.

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