Welcome To St Mallory’s


This site is under construction at the moment, but when it’s up and running we hope to use it to update you as to the status of the upcoming YA boarding school mystery novel, St Mallory’s Forever!, which we hope will be the first book in a series.

Please subscribe and check back soon for more information 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome To St Mallory’s

  1. Eeeee! This is just too cool … one question – I like the picture under the title, but did you pick it for any particular reason? Or am I just trying to read too deep xD

    • Miriam Joy says:

      It’s just one of the sample pictures for the theme – I’ll be finding a more appropriate one soon, perhaps a piece of difficult French music with an instrument, ha ha! Shouldn’t be too hard in my house. Once it’s up and running I’ll grant you the rights to write updates, if you’d like, though you’ll have to get a WordPress account too.

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